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Shitty little pictures

posted by DL Byron on March 29, 2004

The very unofficial moblog for the i3forum is up at textamerica. I'm in the day-one sessions, listening to a talk on the social impact of camera phones. The audience here is mostly photographers, with a mix of companies, and web designers/developers.

A lively debate about shitty photos is ongoing and I offered a rebuttal with Tom Coate's The Mass Amateurisation of (Nearly) Everything post. Textamerica argues that moblogs are the photography for the rest of us and shitty photos are good. Reuters picked up textamerica moblog photos of the NYC Blackout when no other information was coming through. They've enabled the citizen photojournalist and that's another example of mass amateurisation. I wrote about amateur intranets last week and the point is that anyone can publish, be a journalist, or a photographer. Textamerica offers community and their members could care less about the quality of the photos.

zonezero, an international photo site, demonstrated their community and how it's a network that interchanges ideas with photos. They don't moblog, but members upload their galleries.

04.01.04 Update: Cnet covers moblogs and textamerica.

In other news

  • I'm feeling relaxed in the creative enviroment here
  • The weather is sunny in the 70-80s
  • Ocean waves pound the beach outside my window
  • My xfn friendly list o' links has been updated with people I've met
  • No one has called me the Clip-n-Seal guy yet . . . .

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