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posted by DL Byron on March 11, 2004

In preparation for Byron’s appearance on the Blogging for Business Panel he asked me to write up some of my thoughts on how the Clip-n-Seal blog has affected the Brand…

I think the blog has extended our brand by exposing the human side of the business. In a world increasingly overrun by faceless mega-corporations, being small can in many ways be a brand asset. I believe there is an emerging trend for people to buy from local businesses, to buy things locally, to support the corner market, to help keep the little guy in business and stave off the Wal-Mart-tization of our country.

Clip-n-Seal is a small company started by a group of designers - we don’t hide that, we celebrate it. The blog gives a personal voice to the site, something that people can relate to. Yes, we are trying to sell you Clip-n-Seals, but we’re also sharing the excitement that comes with starting a company. I think there is a growing number of people who appreciate and respect that. And those are the people that tell their friends about us, those are the ones that are the key to our success.

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Mar 11  |  -b- said:

thanks Scott. I’m flying out tomorrow.

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