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Wonderfalls Appeal

posted by DL Byron on March 31, 2004

“It’s like Joan of Arcadia except the girl is a cranky slacker who works at Niagra Falls gift shop. The toy animals start talking to her and telling her to help people. It’s not clear what force is driving the critters to talk to her. It’s very possible that the girl is actually crazy.”

Manis covers the appeal in more detail. He knows one of the writers and they’re hoping Wonderfalls doesn’t get cancelled. So do I.

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Apr 01  |  Vito Pace said:

german soap http://www.i-soap.tv/frames.htm

dasvidania ;) V.

Apr 04  |  Doug said:

Tim Minear has announced on Buffistas.org (http://www.buffistas.org/showthread.php?threadid=71&postid=9310) that “Wonderfalls” has indeed been cancelled.

Not a big surprise, but disappointing nonetheless. I’m hoping that Fox will release the full 13 episodes on DVD so fans can at least get some resolution on the story.

Apr 05  |  -b- said:

After the loss of Farscape, I started not caring and realizing it didn’t matter. I just heard there’s a big campaign to save Angel. I think, and could be wrong, the only one that worked was Le Femme Nikita, that got a few more episodes. That’s not to say, I don’t appreciate fan’s efforts, but does it make a difference?

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