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An astounding descent

posted by DL Byron on April 02, 2004

With a full-on presidential race, I asked a pundit friend where the mainstream independent journalism was? For every accusation on either side, there’s a counter accusation and facts to support it. The automotive industry is a good example. At the height of the outsourcing debate last week, the jobs created by foreign automotive companies were touted as examples of how free trade works. Well, a little-heard report also noted that those factories were put here because of quotas, not for free-trade good will.

Today, an article in the Seattle PI, quotes world-traveller Rick Steves

  • ”We had the world with us after 9/11: Everybody was an American. In two years, however, America has become a rogue nation. It has been an astounding descent.”
  • “I don’t think people like being told, ‘You’re with us or against us’.”
  • “They want to like Americans.”

It’s refreshing to read good news/bad news opinions from someone with experience abroad and no political agenda.

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