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Enter the WaSP

posted by DL Byron on April 09, 2004

I joined the Web Standards Project earlier this week and it reminded me of my "Pants Down" Zeldman story where he linked to me midway through a live redesign, on a piss-ant, personal site no one knew about, and I had some funkadelic CSS layout issues going on. All of the sudden, there's a spike in traffic, email, and I'm like, "wtf?" I spent a day scrambling to fix it.

When Molly and I first chatted about WaSP, I was like, shit!, I better sweep any public code I've ever written! There are Fahrner image replacements, ampersands in URLs, and who know's what else out there.

There's been a recent confluence of standards issues for me and on other blogs. I don't know what I'm going to do yet to contribute to WaSP, but it'll be something and I hope it helps. I hope to get to the point of not talking about standards-based design all the time, where it's just what we do, it's expected.

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