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Mac Props Updated

posted by DL Byron on April 30, 2004

At each conference I’ve attended recently, silver Powerbooks outnumber drab PCs. At SXSW, Brian Alvey noted he could make a killing selling Apple stickers for PCs, so PC users didn’t feel left out of the cool Powerbook club. I don’t blame them, they’ve got a few years to wait for Longhorn, but I’d never expect a PC user to attempt to transform his PC to a MAC. Most of us Mac users go the other way, with VirtualPC and find that XP looks way better on a Mac.

Wired picked up the Fake Mac story and reports on Mac users at MS.

In a day where Thurott once again exclaims that Mac is near death, it’s refreshing to read that some PC users don’t envy, hate, or diss Mac, but give it props where due.

Updated: MacdailyNews picks up the Wired story and adds even more resources.

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