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About to Jump The Shark

posted by DL Byron on June 25, 2004

I put a ton of research into the how/why of blogging presentation and found all the marketing, business blogs, PR blogs, blogs on blogs, media discovering blogs, a Time story, NPR, NYTimes articles, the whole crescendo of blogging exhausting. I’ve been updating the presentation with links as they come in and thought, “any day now, something will happen — like a Hamburgler blog that posts directly to your adult happy meal pedometer via RSS for mobile brandwashing.” Or a Billg Blog!

It’s Definitely not a diss to Billg, I’d read his blog, and MS has done a remarkable job blogging, but I expect that many bloggers are watching a medium they created pass right by them. As blogging gets sucked up into business, PR, and media, having a blog is like “having a home page” ten years ago. Jonathan Hardwick emailed on this topic earlier today and wrote, "if blogging does Jump the Shark, Billg will be the Fonz." Agreed and maybe that’s a new term: “fonzblog.”

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Jun 25  |  Trudy W. Schuett said:

I happened by your blog today, and I think your presentation on blogging is excellent! I’ll be sure to link to it in my own presentation for PR Blog Week in July. (Or not, if you prefer. Let me know!)

I did want to point out that some business users of Type Pad are finding its visitor tracking inadequate and/or innacurate and pricing overall too high. It is the highest-priced of all hosted blog platforms I’m aware of.

Blog-City and tBlogs both provide full-featured blogs with better visitor tracking at less than half the cost of Type Pad’s cheapest level.

I define a full-featured blog as one that doesn’t require third-party add-ons to function.

Jun 25  |  -b- said:

Sure, link it up and thanks for the tips. I wasn’t aware of those two blogs, but expect there’s many others. It’ll be interesting to watch if they survive providing free service.

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