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Google Yourself

posted by DL Byron on June 30, 2004

I googled the term slime flat tires today and was a bit confused by the results. Slime is a tire sealant and I wanted to use it to seal up the tires on a kids bike. Check the result, if it’s still there, it includes the word loser and links to an even more confusing landing page. I don’t know if that’s an inside joke, a marketing program gone awry or what. Maybe Slime is big enough in retail they don’t care too much about the web. Whatever they’re doing, it’s a good example of why you need to Google yourself and pay attention to the results.

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Jun 30  |  doug said:

I think it’s a web gag. It’s almost perfectly silly. The mixed-case type, the poor spelling right alongside the pretty-good silly graphic.

Also this: “Why do you like flat tires? Because you’re a loser!”

It’s certainly a joke, but it’s hard to say who it’s for.

Jun 30  |  -b- said:

the disconnect for me was the character’s name of charlie tuna, which is the chicken of the sea cartoon, not a jive talkin dude with metal teeth.

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