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Another Great Conference

posted by DL Byron on July 25, 2004

At Digital Design World Seattle, attendance was up, there was a good vibe, and the crowds were having a good time. I talked to many business attendees and that’s a sign of the economy picking back up.

During the Blogging session, my co-presenter Steve Broback said to me, “I was surprised to see that less than 5% of the attendees of the Web Design track (all of whom are Web site authors) were bloggers, and even more surprised to see that same low percentage were using a newsreader. So many of us talk about it being ‘late in the game’ to be starting a blog today, but I sense the revolution is just beginning.” I agreed and noted that we needed to fill the demand for blogging “know how.” The attendees got what a blog was, and what it could do for their business, they wanted to know how to get that done. I heard a big, “wow” from the audience when I built a Typepad blog on-the-fly, published it, and showed how a link to it on Texturadesign’s site returned the number one google result. You can’t front on that.

When you see results like that, it’s easy to understand how blogs work for business.

As a reminder, our entire presentation is online, with related links, resources, and all of our Movable Type templates.

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