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Cafe Bustelo

posted by DL Byron on July 10, 2004

Our Director of Sales at Clip-n-Seal turned me onto Cafe Bustelo, a dark cuban espresso roast. I order online if from Java Cabana , a nice ecommerce site. The grind works well with my Brikka stovetop espresso maker and well, it’s a, “damn good cuppa joe!”

Coffee is part of cycling, a tradition, and drives much of the peloton.

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Jul 19  |  Jenn Becker said:

As a first-generation Cuban-American that grew up on Café Bustelo, I can appreciate your new-found love for the coffee. So proud to see the brand finding a new market!

As we say in Spanish, ¡Disfrútalo!


Jul 19  |  -b- said:

I don’t know how you’d say it in damn good cuppa joe in Spanish, but it is!

Jul 30  |  Eva said:

un tremendo tazon de cafe… might work as a translation but its not exact…

Aug 19  |  Scott Lane said:

My fiancee is Puerto Rican and she introduced me to Cafe Bustelo about 2 years ago. It is the only ready ground coffee I use. I like both the regular and the dark grind and I use both for expresso or in a normal drip coffee machine. Best grind on the market bar none….

Aug 19  |  -b- said:

Agreed. As a alternative, I also like Mr Souto by Java Cabana as well.

Sep 13  |  In Seattle said:

My husband and I also tried Cafe Bustelo for the first time in Puerto Rico. We had some more sent to us from his aunt in Florida. They sell it in their groucery stores. It tastes great even from our drip machine. Now I’m looking to buy it online. I’ll take a look at Java Cabana, thanks for the suggestion.

Sep 13  |  -b- said:

You’re welcome. I wrote it about Bustelo on our store blog as well. I buy it by the case, in small packs. That way it stays fresh (with Clip-n-Seals of course). I think why it’s so good is that the grind is perfect for the Brikka espresso maker I use. I get frothy crema every time.

Sep 17  |  Arlene in St Paul said:

I just used Google to try to find out where to buy Cafe Bustelo and found this site. We bought it on vacation in Puerto Rico and loved it. I’ll try Java Cabana, thanks.

Sep 17  |  -b- said:

Thanks for writing. It seems Cafe Bustelo has good worth of mouth advertising. We also feature it on our store. We enjoy it so much, we’re thinking of contacting Java Cabana to sell it with a attached. As I noted above, I buy it by the case.

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