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From Webvisions to Digital Design World

posted by DL Byron on July 19, 2004

From the Blogging Panel at Webvisions, I learned that there’s strong demand for blogging know how. I think sometimes we tend to forget that there’s much to learn. From my perspective, the audience got the, “I love cats” part of blogging, but not the how to sell a product, deal with legal issues, what to say, or how to publish. The Q/A was very similar to the blogging panel at SXSW. I’ve updated the talk Steve Broback and I will give on the How/Why of Blogging this week at Digital Design World to cover more of the “how.”

In the halls, we talked about Amazon’s plogs, whatever those are exactly, and the various projects we’re working on. It was good to know Keith was speaking. Scott covered that and more about Webvisions in his post earlier today.

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