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TDFBlog's Niche Market

posted by DL Byron on July 10, 2004

Speaking of the peloton, I chatted with the TDFBlog earlier this week. I’ll mini-case study the site at Digital Design World later this month. What impressed me is that the publisher, Frank Steele, found a niche, got the site up in about an hour with TypePad, is driving traffic, and making good money.

The site works because he aggregates a variety of Tour de France news sites and provides RSS, where the other sites don’t. So, I can get all the TDF news in one place, check headlines with the RSS feed, and click through if I want to read more.

Now that’s the power of a blog. The TDFBlog filled a niche, and responded to a consumer demand that other sites hadn’t noticed. I’m sure they’re going to notice now.

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