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MT Plugin Problems

posted by DL Byron on September 10, 2004

By removing all MT Plugins, except for Markdown and SmartyPants, I’ve resolved the rest of the publishing errors. I’m not a plugin expert, nor a Perl developer, but expect there are issues with the version of Perl my host has installed. That’s a consistent problem with MT, at least for this site, is that all those cool plugins fail to work and a host is not going to install a version of Perl or a module just for me.

The upgrade to MT 3.11 went well. I had to remove MT-blacklist and can no longer use it, but I’m doing pretty much the same thing with approving each comment before it posts.

Next up is trying out MT’s PHP action.


Unfortunately, I’ve had to stop using Markdown and SmartyPants for blog posts. The error lib/MT.pm line 289 occurs when the system can’t load the plugin. In turn, that occassionally causes a timeout and the Dreaded Internal Server Error.

I will still use Markdown with BBedit as a filter. That’s one more step, but still very useful.

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