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posted by DL Byron on October 30, 2004

05 Badge 1 The Blog Business Summit has launched. Publish and Prosper is the tag line and the theme for the sessions, panels, and speakers. Textura Design designed and built the site. We'll also participate in the sessions and blogging.

Release Notes

  • Blogs, subblogs, CMS - each page and subpage is published by the system (gallery excluded). The sub pages are sub blogs. We used Movable Type 3.11, with some customization. As the site progresses, we'll look at options like syndicating the sub blogs to the main blog, etc.
  • PHP includes, PHP gallery via QDig
  • Valid XHTML, CSS, and fully Accessible
  • Full cross-browser support, Netscape 4.7 deprecated. A series of crazy-whack hacks and workarounds incorporated into the stylesheet.

Design Notes

The point of the conference, is "to show you how your business can leverage current real-world blogging techniques, tools and platforms to promote and enhance your ventures." We want to appeal to bloggers and business people alike. During the comping process, Scott wrote, "My primary goal with the site design was to create something that felt like part of the blogoshpere, but was crisp and professional enough to inspire corporate customers to fork over their money. So I'm trying to straddle the line between cool blog and corporate focused conference site..."

I think Scott's design achieved that goal.

If you're interested in attending, and a business blogger, note that the organizer is offering discounts for bloggers that attend.

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