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Ongoing list of blog entry titles

posted by DL Byron on October 12, 2004

Here’s a list of blog entry titles I’ve saved as drafts to be posted on later. Realizing later may not come, here they are now with notations.

  • “Damn Ampersands” — regarding the ABCNews relaunch. Jason noted that was a cool name for a band. The Damn Persands
  • “RSS Radio” — podcasting, whatever, give me Boing Boing radio.
  • “Messing with perfection” — I cracked open the thin, new iMac to replace a noisy power suppy and man did that make me nervous. Not nervous about replacing the PSU, just that I was about to mess with perfection.
  • “That’s one dollar for each piece of comment spam I’ve deleted” — regarding the 10M in Venture Captial for MovableType.

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