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Standing in a WaSP Stance

posted by DL Byron on October 19, 2004

Last week I opted out of the Mike Davidson argument. One, cause I drink beer with Mike, and two, cause I felt some of the argument thread was irrational and all over the place. The problem, whether we like it or not, is that WaSP can be perceived as Standards Nazis, Code Priests, assholes, you name it, and to what end?

There's nothing wrong with taking a stand on an issue, as we've done, but what we need to do now is effectively communicate that. To convince a software company that building Standards support into their tools is a good thing, or demonstrate how much bandwidth a publishing company can save, or how a small business can sell their product across browsers and platforms now and into the future.

WaSP has done a good job convincing the designer geeks that it's the right thing to do. In my opinion, now it's time to take the case to business and that's part of what I work on everyday. I'm hopeful that one day Standards will just be part of our trade, it's exhausting evangelism, but the work must go on.

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Oct 19  |  Keith said:

For the record, I didn’t call anyone any of those names, and I don’t think any of the people commenting did either.

In general it was a pretty civil thread.

Oct 19  |  -b- said:

ok. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll remove the link to your post. I can see how that’s misleading.

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