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Blogging and the Arts

posted by DL Byron on November 22, 2004

Rhizome.org to host Blogging and the Arts panel at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. That's a nice contrast to all of the business blogging. The discussion will address questions such as whether blogs will change the nature of discourse in the fine arts field, and ways that artists and critics are integrating this new form of communications into their own work.

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Nov 28  |  robroy said:

Viewing the process of how an artist works has always seemed odd to me. Once I view their process then the mystrey of their creation is gone. In many ways blogs tend open up the life of some people in a way that I find too revealing. I find my blog to be more about documenting the aftermath of the creation. In this way I do not allow my process to be compromised but at the same time give a deep enough perspective into my work that I drum up more interest.

If an artists blog becomes simply a diary of their days or time in the studio then it becomes boring. If they can somehow connect it to the work they are making in a way that suppilments or allows others to participate in it then they are doing something that I will be interested in returning to.

Nov 28  |  -b- said:

That’s a good point. For example, I’d be interested in art blogs as a product blog, like the cremaster blog about how it’s appearing in city and how the crowds have been. However, back in the day, we created a blog for our fellowship proposal and it was a very good documentation of the process for the team. In that sense, as a community feature for artists, blogging would be great.

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