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Clip-n-Seal to Focus on Industrial Markets

posted by DL Byron on November 09, 2004

Shoe ConceptSince we launched two years ago, an industrial market has found our product via Google, AdWords, and Blogs. Our original plan was to break into big-box retail, but as the industrial uses emerged, a new market for Clip-n-Seal developed. Specialty retailers continue to offer Clip-n-Seal and we sell directly to our customers via our website, but a big part of our strategy is to focus on industrial applications and to develop a new retail product from a successful industrial use.

Earlier this year, Inventables found us via an ID Fuel blog post and decided to feature Clip-n-Seal in their November DesignAid, a magazine of new materials packaged for Fortune 500 companies. We are very excited about DesignAid because it supports our effort to increase industrial applications. To coincide with the publication, we collaborated with ID Fuel to launch Bonfire 3#: Clip-n-Seal It!, a design contest. DesignAid is not accessible to everyone, so we wanted a way to get other industrial designers involved and see what ideas they develop. The Clip-n-Seal shoe concept drawing is an example. ID Fuel also published an interview where we discuss how we brought Clip-n-Seal to market.

Full-Circle Blog Marketing

Also interesting is the full-circle blog marketing: Clip-n-Seal to ID Fuel to Inventables back to ID Fuel and Clip-n-Seal. DesignAid is reaching potential corporate, industrial customers, the IDFuel contest is reaching even more designers, and the blogosphere is part of our business model.

We are expecting some outstanding opportunities and ideas to come from DesignAid and the ID Fuel Contest. A creative spark started Clip-n-Seal and creativity, in new markets, drives us today.

The Clip-n-Seal news page has more info and the related press releases. Core77 posts More from the Trenches about the interview.

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