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Pam @ 40

posted by DL Byron on November 04, 2004

p+b in ak Pam's 40th Birthday is this weekend. We'll have a fancypants dinner downtown at Lola's and then a night in a suite at Hotel Andra. Pam's job is stressful decision making. So, the goal is to have her just relax, no plan other than dinner, and the room. The card she'll find in the room says,

My eyes never guess as to who I recognize as my love.
Pam @ 40.
Happy birthday.

The picture in this post is from our first trip to Alaska in 2001. Earlier this year, we returned to Alaska and rode our bikes on a honeymoon.

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Nov 05  |  Stina Lu said:

Happy birthday Pam, have a great year! -Stina Lu

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