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The Oprah Pitch

posted by DL Byron on November 19, 2004

The team has been reminding me to "write Oprah," so today I finally wrote a pitch on Blogging and Clip-n-Seal and sent it to Be on the Show

The blogosphere has reached the tipping point for personal sites, politics, and now businesses. My company invented a product and built a brand and market for it in the blogosphere. It has been a great success for us. We are a small business, with no marketing budget, and used blogs, in part, because getting into large retailers is very difficult.

2 years ago, I found myself out of work in the dotcom crash, had an idea for a product, invented it, built it, and launched it. I knew web design, so I started writing about the product on our site, as a blog, and the product started selling.

Now we are focusing on the market that came to us via our blog.

I suggest you have a blogger show with various bloggers who can talk about their success, including our story.

Here's our website:


Clip-n-Seal provides an air- and watertight seal to keep food and other products fresh.

And a link about blogs:



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Dec 02  |  Phil Wolff said:

At the end, everyone in the audience gets to take home a free blogger!

Dec 02  |  -b- said:


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