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Got my freak on @ SXSW

posted by DL Byron on March 16, 2005

imagesAustin and has an effect. I go there to meet people, work a panel, and network. I also always end up having a really good time. On Saturday night at a fire-themed club (can't remember the name), I was the party pooper. Tired from the flight, riding my bike and working a lot, I was yawning and ready to call it a night. That's until the DJ mixed groove after groove and I ended up on the dance floor, busting out some old-school moves. When it came to the dance off, I sucked, compared to Scott, Scrivs, and that guy that hung beer cans off his face. Damn that was fun.

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Mar 29  |  Derek Featherstone said:

Whoa. Just putting it all together now. I’m the guy hanging the beer cans from my face. And only after seeing Nick Finck’s photostream with your picture right next to my picture, did I put the pieces together that you are the DL Byron.

Great to have met you at SXSW…

Mar 29  |  -b- said:

ok, cool. Cause I couldn’t quite put the name together. Stone something, fire/feather, wasn’t sure. Thanks for the for the comment and the good time. However, I did miss the water vapor part of your performance.

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