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Pottery Barn Spam

posted by DL Byron on July 07, 2005

The Pottery Barn spams me. Like everyone else, I get spam everyday. The difference with Pottery Barn is I wondered why a company that wins awards for their branding is spamming me and why don't they stop.

The number one bullet item on the next Brand and Position PowerPoint presentation Pottery Barn executives see from their PR firm should be, "don't spam" and then "check yourself on Google." Why? See Dell, Travelocity, and more who discover (or are clueless) that their customers hate them.

What annoyed me the most is that I went as far as calling Customer Care and said, "take me off your list." I'm sure customer care lady just said yes and it ended there. I also "unsubscribed" just to see what that would do and nothing, just more summer glassware sale emails.

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Jul 07  |  Mobil'Homme said:

As with all culturally significant phenomena, Seinfeld presages our postmodern zeitgeist:

Kramer, throwing his catalogs in the Pottery Barn store:

“Hey, you like sending out catalogs!? How do you like gettin’ ‘em back!?”


Jul 07  |  -b- said:

Awesome! And, I thought, ok, for every spam I get from Pottery Barn, I’ll respond with a post on how much I hate them.

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