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Sketchy Guy

posted by DL Byron on July 07, 2005

Every race scene has their Sketchy Guy. The guy they call sketchy, cause he's all over the road, doesn't hold his line, chops your wheel, is in the way, and is just generally, "sketchy." In a Procycling article today, Saunier Duvall - Prodir Team Director discusses Tour de France racer Nicolas Fritsch sketchiness and said, "I think that he has got some problem with balance or to do with vertigo." A team mate said that riding behind him is "like shaving in the dark," and the Team Director continued, "We're going to take him to a specialist. It's not normal. When he's in the peloton he's always got his head up, looking ahead, lacking in confidence." It is normal. He's the sketchy guy of the tour!

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