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WaSP to Collaborate with Microsoft to Promote Web Standards

posted by DL Byron on July 05, 2005

WaSP formally announced a collaboration with Microsoft to promote Web standards and help developers build standards conformant Web applications. WaSP’s goal is to provide technical guidance and advice as the company increases Web standards support in its products including Microsoft Visual Studio and ASP.NET. There’s an official press release and Molly is accepting comments and trackbacks on her blog.

Devil dancin’

As a member of WaSP and the Task Force, I can say much work has gone into the announcement and there’s more to come. The Task Force and our new relationship with Microsoft came out of SXSW, as blogged by Scoble. At SXSW, Scoble felt snubbed (he wasn’t), excluded and surprised by the Acid Test, and from there we emailed, flamed, posted, argued, calmed down and then starting talking productively. I had lunch a few weeks ago with members of the IE team and can say that as passionate as WaSP is, if Microsoft wasn’t serious and genuine, we wouldn’t be talking and working together. They are, we are, and it’s going to make a difference in developing standards conformant Web applications.

As we’ve seen with blogging applications, the real growth in Standards-based design, besides all of us that toil by hand, is in the tools.

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