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rather have a notepad

posted by DL Byron on August 21, 2005

IE 7 Pam picked up a couple of the Microsoft Ogio bags for the kids. Microsoft gave them out at the Blog Business Summit and included a copy of the IE 7 beta. Later at the airport, she says, “I need some paper, where’s that bag?” “What?” She thought the beta package was a nifty round notepad and disappointed that it wasn’t said, “I’d rather have a notepad, then a beta browser.”

Ha ha . . . me too.

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Aug 22  |  Ted Drake said:

I put my super-cool, very useful and amazingly spectacular microsoft messenger bag in a large black trash bag and sealed it up with one of those really hot sealing sticks and tossed them into the trash can. I just couldn’t deal with the subliminal “IE7 is the messiah and stay fresh with clip-n-seal” messages that kept repeating in my mind.

Aug 22  |  -b- said:

Well, I can’t say I’m down with wasting the Clip-n-Seals.

Aug 23  |  Eric Rice said:

Yes, but there’s something to be said that all the way to the end of the product cycle, the CNS is still useful all the way to its grave. Think of it! New marketing! If you don’t want racoons dragging IE stuff all over your lawn, there’s only one way to fight them there vermins. ;-)

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