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Pole Dancing Fitness

posted by DL Byron on October 27, 2005

This email just came into a mailing list I’m on for freelancers:

Seattle’s first pole dancing fitness classes are about to begin and I need an attorney to write up the contract between the dance teacher and the facility renting the space for pole classes. We’ll offer in exchange either private exotic dance and pole lessons OR free classes. Or if you are a male attorney, you can donate your contract services and earn the free classes to give as a gift to a woman of your choice.

That’s the best-ever freelance mailing list post: the Stripper/Dancer/Barter economy at work.

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Feb 09  |  Krisha said:

FYI - the name of the pole dancing school is Pole For The Soul and can be found at www.poleforthesoul.com

Feb 09  |  -b- said:

Nice. Thanks for the update!

Jun 27  |  Newport said:

My advise is for you to follow your gut feeling about the owner of the studio. I had a non-compete and mutual non-disclosure agreement signed by a very young female studio owner (she was 23, and her older husband went on debt to buy her a regular dance studio. It was a new trend then when I brought it to her attention, and she did not even know anout the dance,as inexperienced as she was. But she was driven by ambition and greed. When I was getting a lot of press attention, she as being too immature and insecure got very envious, and told me to get out of her studio the same day. She filed a false police report, stole my things, slandered my reputation by spreading lies, and decided to go into the business herself full time and walking away from her other dance instruction business, even though as as withdrawing party in the contract, she was not suppose to compete with me or engage in a similar business. She uses my materials, uses my trademarked name as a keyword in the search engine, sponsors the link to my business name, and follows evrything I do so she could copy me. She removes my marketing materials from public display and leaves her own brochures instead. It has been an emotional trauma for me as I did not know of any immoral, unethical person until I had to deal with her. The nightmare goes on because suing her would cost me a lot of time and money, which I know I have to do eventually.

So be careful! I would advise you to rent a small space rather than take it to a studio that is not yours. Good luck!

Nov 29  |  Daphne said:

hehe pole for the soul. I love that name :) good choice

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