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An Angry Tooth

posted by DL Byron on November 18, 2005

My trip to Chicago, and most of my work week, was interrupted by an angry tooth, a really angry tooth that sent me right to an endodondist for a root canal. A root canal sounded very medieval, torturous, and painful. And I think it would’ve been without the calming and reassuring efforts of Dr. Cohen and her staff at West Seattle Endodontics. I asked a ton of questions, she answered all, and made it is pleasant as possible considering the procedure that opens the crown of a tooth, cleans out the pulp, shapes it for filling, and fills the root canals with gutta-percha.

The pain?

The pain of the procedure was minimized with local anesthesia and is absolutely nothing compared to the pain of the angry tooth. Prior to the root canal, I described the pain as visceral, intense, and debilitating. The Dr. told me about mothers that describe the pain as being worse than child birth. Recovering, I made a huge mistake of not dosing correctly on narcotics, learned my lesson, and stayed fully drugged for a day and a half to let the pain calm down.

I checked in with Jim Coudal and he said they partied on in Chicago and celebrated the release of Copy Goes Here. We’ll catch up on beers next time at SXSW Interactive 2006.


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