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Analysts advise to not Upgrade to Windows Vista

posted by DL Byron on November 13, 2005

Describing Windows Vista as an “incremental, evolutionary improvements” over Windows XP, Gartner is advising companies not to upgrade. Incidentally, the beta has been delayed once again.

When Windows Longhorn (Vista’s development name) was rebooted, the ground-breaking, advanced features were gutted and it should’ve been named Windows XP 3. The advanced features users are looking for are available now, in OS X. When Microsoft does release it’s next great operating system, what Vista was supposed to be, they’ll up the ante, just not yet.

Thinking about switching? See Walt Mossberg’s guide. Read more discussion about Microsoft and the iPod Nano.

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Nov 14  |  Professional web design Specialist said:

hmm…..im still not sure about the whole Vista thing. Although i’ve seen some previews on Vista.

Nov 14  |  -b- said:

Agreed. It may turn out to be like Windows ME. I can see Gartners points, from an IT management perspective … why go through the pain of an upgrade, only to do it again when the real breakthrough OS is released. And what MS had planned from Longhorn, was very promising.

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