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Office Live or Dead

posted by DL Byron on November 02, 2005

A day of contrasts with Microsoft: Molly and I meet with MS to discuss their new designer/developer products and at the same time Office Live is announced. After such a great meeting, I couldn’t bring myself to look at Office Live, expecting it to be, well, horrible. A see no evil approach, at least for today.

Where the team we’re meeting with is really doing good work with Standards, Ray Ozzie is announcing Sharepoint on the Web, all bCentral style, a small business portal document thingy. Wagstaff interviews Fried about Office Live and I wondered

  • Ray Ozzie! That’s what they’ve got him doing … Sharepoint on the Web?
  • MS, once again, seem to be scrabbling for relevancy
  • Is this the final result of the great MS internet turnaround from the 90s? They’ve been working on it since then?

I’m sure when Scoble’s blog is back up, a steady drumbeat will start about Office Live and how officey and live it is, while I bet most of us, would rather just log into Basecamp. As Jason said, “Simple tools that do a few things really well.” Not a bloated application, bloated even larger on the web.


Molly blogs the WaSP/MS meeting

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Nov 02  |  chuanz said:

Scoble’s blog is not down, it has moved to http://scobleizer.wordpress.com/. There’s already a post on “Live” :-)

Nov 02  |  -b- said:

That’s right. Over the weekend, the new url redirected to back to Wordpress.com and it was down. Good to see it back up and let the Office Live debate begin!

Nov 14  |  Professional web design Specialist said:

that’s good…so everything’s up and back again.i checked Scoble’s Blog a while ago and it’s all back.

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