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The Pee Tree

posted by DL Byron on November 28, 2005

Unfortunately our fake xmas tree smelled like pee when we took it out of the box this year. Mice, a cat, racoon, or something got into it and left behind a pungent order. After some deliberation, cleaning considerations and fumigation options, we threw it out and got ourselves a vintage 50s alumimum tree. Today when I was putting the rest of the trash out for the garbage truck, I noticed someone had stolen the pee tree. Now, I feel bad that they got the pee tree and probably won’t notice it until the plastic limbs heat up to room temperature. I remember when I was in college, the groundskeepers would spike trees with wolverine hormones, or some really nasty smell, to prevent drunkards from cutting down trees for their dorm rooms. That really wasn’t our intent, but someone is going to smell that smell, soon enough.

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