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Answering my Dad's Switch2Mac Questions

posted by Scott Benish on December 09, 2005

My dad has inexplicably loved PC’s for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, he used to play a now-outdated game on our home computer called “Secrets of the Luftwaffe” - which allowed you to simulate flying and fighting in a host of German and American WWII-era warplanes. He used to toggle the joystick with great enthusiasm while tilting his body and head as if he were actually flying an old style bomber. My stepmother and I make fun of him for it to this day.

The game wasn’t available for Macintosh, so my pleas for him to make the switch fell on deaf ears. But with his “Luftwaffe” days behind him, my father may, at long last, actually be considering a Macintosh. After reading my first post on making the switch, he had this question to ask:

Will I have problems sending documents back and forth between my workplace PC and a Mac laptop and then opening, using and saving files from the other system?

The truth is you’ll probably encounter some unexpected bugs along the way. There may be some formatting issues that crop up as you move documents from a Macintosh format to a PC and back again. But by and large you’ll see smooth sailing. The two systems are very compatible at this point in the game.

You are going to have to do some setup work with your network administrator at the office though, when you do get your Macintosh. So be sure to set aside some time for him to configure all the interfaces properly so that you don’t run into glitches later on.

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Dec 09  |  -b- said:

Apple has made great progress on interoperability between OS X and Windows, especially in Tiger. I swap files between the two and also easily connected to networks. Here’s a compatability guide from Apple, and I agree with Walt Mossberg that calls the iMac a Gold Standard for PCs. Also see that Apple is a the top seller on Amazon.com

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