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Eat, Sleep, Ride Maui

posted by DL Byron on December 23, 2005

Today we rode the funnest miles I’ve ever ridden from Kula to Tedeschi Winery on Maui. It was a roller-coaster ride, dropping and banking into corners, rollers, big rises, and a final fast descent to the winery. Tomorrow, we’ll climb Haleakala Volcano, 30 miles up to 10K ft.

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Dec 24  |  Chuck Bianchi said:

Hope you stopped at Grandma’s for breakfast.


Dec 25  |  -b- said:


We’re going for a spin today, after a long day on Haleakala yesterday. Grandma’s is packed everday.

Jan 01  |  Chuck Bianchi said:

Ah that it is, but, well worth the wait when you have the time. Al never lets anyone down. But Sundays by 9am are the best. If he gets out to go fishing Saturday night the brunch specials are built around the catch. Last January he had eggs benedict on 2 big fillets of opakapaka. Then brought me a bowl of sashimi as a side dish. All with a local 3 piece (I believe it was 3)playing on the patio. We returned in October for Halloween in Lahaina but he was not able to get away to go fishing, hopefully the next time.

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