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Mac Predictions for 06

posted by Scott Benish on December 29, 2005

Every year has its ups and downs, and pundits say that Mac’s 2006 will be no exception. AppleMatters.com predicts a mixed 2006 for Macintosh - in which Mac gets rid of FireWire and opens an online movie store that puts NetFlix out of business, but still fails to gain a 10% market share.

There’s one problem that AppleMatters failed to address that could assail Mr. Jobs in 2006. Engaget has 162 comments and growing, demonstrating that people are none too pleased with the unexpected havoc upgrading to Tiger has wreaked on their Powerbooks.

But on the other side of the coin Geek.com raves about how Mac OS is stabler and prettier than those blue screens of death otherwise known as PCs. And Business Week predicts that Mac will get “the respect - and the stock price - it deserves.”

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Dec 29  |  Dale Cruse said:

I didn’t realize so many people were having problems with Tiger on their PowerBooks. I updgraded flawlessly.

Dec 29  |  -b- said:

I haven’t had any problems either. I think most of those problems are when people have moded their system with add ons. For me, it’s best to subscribe to the Apple aesthetic and run it native, right out of the box. The only exception to that is Show Desktop, a little app that I use.

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