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Macintosh taking over home entertainment

posted by Scott Benish on December 26, 2005

CNN reports that Macintosh is poised to take over home entertainment. Poised? I don’t know what they’re talking about. Mac took over my home entertainment years ago.

I have two appliances with screens in my living room. One is my iMac G5. The other is my father’s old JVC television set. The difference? The iMac is plugged in, while the TV is just taking up space.

What about music? Well, I don’t own a stereo system. I can listen to music anywhere in my house with my iPod. And when I have guests over. I plug some speakers into the G5 and let the good times roll.

And TV? Well, I must admit that I’ve been watching television on my computer for years. But now that iTunes offers my favorite shows - Desperate Housewives and Commander in Chief - I may never get around to ordering cable.

Perhaps I’ll use that JVC set for an art project, or give it to my little brother. I certainly don’t need it.

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