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Managing Workflow with a Mac

posted by Scott Benish on December 15, 2005

When Steve and Byron work together on a book chapter - they use an iDisk folder to manage their workflow. iDisk works just the way an ordinary Mac hard disk does - except on the Web - so you can color code files. This is a handy tool for Byron and Steve because they use color coding to indicate the editorial status of the segments of the chapter

iDisks are one of the unsung heroes of the Mac universe. They allow you to synch your files, calendar items, bookmarks, address book, and to do lists between computers. This happens instantly after you set things up. So if your computer is ever lost, damaged or stolen - you still have everything automatically backed up for you in cyberspace. An iDisk costs $95/year - so it’s definitely within the reach of most users to afford. Be forewarned though - once you start using it, you’ll never be able to live without it.

That seems to apply to a lot of things with Macintoshes. You can try .Mac, which includes iDisk free for 60 days.

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Dec 16  |  Doug said:

You can also mount your iDisk from Windows XP with a utility from Apple.

Dec 17  |  -b- said:

That’s correct and how I easily share files with my XP colleagues.

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