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Snow Panic 2005

posted by DL Byron on December 01, 2005

The media hype and panic about the mere possiblity of snow is back again this year and it’s been racheted up a notch. Each year the snow panic gets more panicky and I sympathize with the intrepid news reporters that have to drive North or to the Highlands until they find a flake of snow to report or a car in a ditch. They’ve got to find something to support the anchor lead ins, alerting graphics, promises of nonstop flake coverage, and school closure reports.

Apparently big ratings are associated with snow, so the coverage is going to continue … at least in HD, it looks really good.

The PI has a snow watch to watch and the kids can’t wait for a snow day, each day they check outside for snow. I told them my knee hurts before it snows and that’s how I know. (I’ll admit that the knee is a bit sore today.)

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