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Clip-n-Seal Redesigned

posted by DL Byron on April 28, 2006

A new site for Clip-n-Seal just rolled and cool — tons of work went into that and I’m totally digging it. Props to Scott Benish and Matthew Foster for the design, David Richard Voigt for the code, and Erin Kissane for the words.

One of the entrepreneurial accidents about Clip-n-Seal is that the original site, the one that we got so much attention for, was never really designed! It was a brochure that we banged out in about 4 hours one weekend to show to retailers. It was up for nearly 4 years.

Also, this new site marks an attempt by me to focus on authoring, blogging, and running the business and to get out of the code and pixels. Well, the 2 fresh crew didn’t need much direction!

Also and most relevant to our book is how the site doesn’t look like a blog, it just functions like one. The entire site is built with Movable Type 3.2, is hosted by Dreamhost, and uses Tags.app, a tagging plugin, developed by Tim Appnel.

We’re already working on phase 2 changes, a few bug fixes, and I’ll be posting about a product I’m very passionate about!

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