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Like Prince Said

posted by DL Byron on April 05, 2006

Man it’s great to have Prince back with a bumping album: “Everybody, grab a body, pump it like you want somebody.”

Best part is that the children dig it as well. I’ve been teaching them the musicology from Purple Rain to 3121 and Black Sweat. Shit, I used to roller skate to this music. I’ll spare them Under a Cherry Moon, but we’re listening and grooving - housequake.

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Apr 05  |  Graham English said:

Tell me about it! While I don’t think 3121 shines as bright as Sign O’ The Times, I’m excited to not have to explain myself to my 20-something friends anymore. They’re starting to get it :-)

Apr 05  |  -b- said:

When I heard it, I thought that sounds like sign of the times! I also saw him and his band on SNL and it was an amazing performance.

Apr 06  |  Graham English said:

Yeah, saw SNL. Can’t nobody play the guitar like that!

But I still think he’s flipped his material 80/20. Back in the day 80% would be hit material (Purple Rain, …Times). Now 80% of the songs I fast forward. But I’m a songwriter and I listen with a pretty critical ear.

I’m just glad he’s not quitting. He still has another creative renaissance in him. What’s he gonna do in his 60s? He’ll always be master of the groove.

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