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More Apple Switchers

posted by DL Byron on April 21, 2006

The release of Boot Camp and Parallels triggered MacBookPro sales to a cycling buddy of mine and a fellow business traveler I met flying back from San Fran yesterday. Both of them had used macs, switched to PC sometime in the 90s, have been wanting to switch back, and being able to run Windows apps without emulation was the final hurdle. Scott left a comment on a post about market share I did a while ago that I’m sure echoes what many are thinking — “like, hey! I can get a mac for pleasure and do business on it, when I want.”

When I switched to mac full time, there were many hurdles and now there are way less, if any. As my cycling friend just said in email, “I freakin’ love my mac!”

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Apr 21  |  Scott Behner said:

Gotta be others out there that have put together a Purchase Request to their “BOSS” to retire their existing PC and buy a MAC with Intel chip. Any suggestions?

All my existing design software, Macromedia now Adobe products are windows format. No competitive upgrade from Windows to Mac for upgrade, yet?

Apr 21  |  -b- said:

I have a Photoshop windows license that I used to upgrade my Mac version - Adobe didn’t care, I paid for an upgrade and was given a choice of windows and mac download. So, I don’t think that licenses transfer, but when you upgrade just pick the Mac download. But do note, rosetta translations of apps is not as speedy as anyone hoped, usable, but not for big jobs.

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