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Being a Blog Book Author

posted by DL Byron on June 26, 2006

On the Blog Business Book, I’ve posted a gallery from the seminar and book signing in Santa Monica, linked to Barnes & Noble self-discovery movie, and Podleaders podcast.

In Portland today, meeting with clients, and trying to stay cool in the summer heat wave.

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Jun 26  |  Kare Anderson said:

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And that’s where many reporters and producers went hunting for video today to cover Warren Buffett’s boggling 31 billion donation to The William and Melinda Gates Foundation. The same place you can go to place your video content, and link to it. And you do not have to be a billionaire to place your content there for reporters to find. Read more http://sausalitobythebay.com/blog/got-news-go-visual-as-warren-buffett

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