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Morgellon Brain Fog

posted by DL Byron on June 22, 2006

Pam likes to tell the story of a doctor she knows that said, “Americans don’t have any real diseases, so they make ones up.” We’ve got restless leg syndrome, Morgellon, and I just heard a CNN commentator talk about brain fogs that accompany Morgellon.

So, doc, I’ve got a Morgellon Brain Fog, my leg is restless, and I can’t sleep.

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Jun 22  |  Jason Swihart said:

Sounds serious, but at least it’s not a brain cloud.

Jun 22  |  -b- said:

I was just thinking about that and throwing yourself into a volcano.

Jun 22  |  Doug said:

It is a syndrome, not a disease, but “restless leg” is a real diagnosible condition. I can’t speak on Morgellons.

Jul 09  |  kaggerwheels said:

You think it funny. I have “Morgellons” and let me tell you a walk in the rain turns out to be a hatching experance, Any running water and/or even sweating makes these things come out of my skin,hair,etc. My doctor did not believe me when I told him that I was hatching when I was in the shower one day,so I went over to the sink in his office and turned on the water and ran my arm under the water. To his amaz he witnessed the event. As the water beaded on my arm and then fropped into the sink it to on the appearance of what I call “busy” the beads that fell from my arm vibrates in the water.In the water,these things are transparent but when they are dry they have a white or lite yellow body.They look as if they are metalic and when they grow they look like a centepede,(no wonder they itch under the skin)but when they mature into adults they have the ability to fly. If they stay under your skin. they have a tendancy to made circles before spreadind to other parts of your body, They like to eat your hair and turn it gray or silver,they get under your skin and turn it yellow,but their favorite spot is in your mouth where the eat the enamil off your teeth and bury themselvies under your gumline,(how annoying). I hope a cure can be found quickly another thing is that if they don’t circle,they like to sew or stitch pattern in and out of your skin.

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