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Apply ad links directly to your forehead

posted by DL Byron on July 31, 2006

Worse than those, apply directly to your forehead (wash, rinses repeat 3 times) ads are those damn, obnoxious link ads by linksyngergy showing up on various websites, including macdailynews. Not only are they cluttering crap, but also are firing on irrelevant keywords. Let’s hope that either they go away soon or someone figures out how to block them directly in the browser. Specifically, these are the ads that hover on what appears to be link, but it’s not, it’s an ad and from Kontera. Tricking consumers, like with pop up windows, is never good, evil even.

As much criticism as I have for Google’s terribly executed web apps, they do have contextual text ads down.

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Jul 31  |  Doug said:

If you’re using Firefox and the AdBlock extension, try adding *linksynergy* (including the asterisks) to your filter.

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