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Mayor McCheese Head Girl

posted by DL Byron on July 29, 2006

mchead Just when I’m getting burned out on the blogosphere, I’ll arrive serendipitously at a blog like Dustin Crops Boy, who is posting all about a Mayor McCheese obsession. Not only is there something curiously attractive about a girl in a cami, cargo shorts, and anthropomorphic hamburger with cheese on her head, but it’s also about what Annie Marie Cox said in a recent interview with the NYTimes.

I probably started, like, five blogs as a joke, as a whim. You know, like, a blog about purses. Or a blog about lipstick. ‘Cause it’s so easy. Like, why not go in and start a blog, and then it’ll die and never be heard from again?

Exactly, so why not? Start those blogs about whatever you want and enjoy it. It can be about happy feet, Swim, Bike, Run, or being a bike hugger.

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May 02  |  Jessica said:


Sep 09  |  Jason said:

Are you willing to sell the head? It looks great!!!!

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