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Awoken by owls, not monkeys

posted by DL Byron on August 18, 2006

Mugato In my 1/2 awake dream at 4:30 am PDT, it was an alpine monkey/gorilla calling. Like that white, horned one with poison fangs from Star Trek (episode 45 to be exact) that bit Kirk. I’ve got monkey on the brain because we’ve just starting our sport utility bike project at Bike Hugger and that involves two components with monkey names: Stokemonkey and Karate Monkey.

About 10 minutes into the loud calling, I figured out it was an owl mating with another “hot, summer owl” in the nature reserve near our house. You wouldn’t believe how jarringly loud that is until it wakes you up.

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Aug 18  |  Barbara said:

I think you should add a third component: “Monkey Hugger.” Because A) Everything’s better in threes, and B) The more monkey programs the better. After all, who doesn’t love monkeys?

Barbara http://babas.typepad.com

Aug 18  |  -b- said:

or “Menage a Monkey”

Aug 18  |  Matthew Oliphant said:

So, it’s like “damn, diry apes” but dirty in the fun way?

Aug 18  |  -b- said:

Dirty fun apes.

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