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Being Super Creative at an Agency

posted by DL Byron on August 04, 2006

If you haven’t seen it, first check the self-indulgent super creative creative agency that’s really good at differentiating themselves from other agencies and how ideas just flow out of their smarter-than-you heads

Favorite quote, “we need to learn about the customer perspective on a deeper level.” Textura Design’s suggested campaign: Being Jared — dress up various agency operatives in Jared fat suits and tour all 26228 restaurants In 85 countries filming the response of the workers as The Jareds arrive to replenish their Subway diets.

The video also reminded me that if I ever had a “downtown agency” with cubes without walls, there’d be no award wall (an award closet instead) and of the genius of Coudal. I want a title like, “worldwide executive creative director.”

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Aug 04  |  Doug said:

“You know if we roll, we roll big.”


Aug 04  |  -b- said:

Or it could be a “Band of Jerods” performing in fat pants.

Aug 07  |  Tim said:

Truly awful.

Aug 14  |  Chris Haddad said:

This is why me and agency types don’t tend to get along. They’re always prattling on about brand building and “creating experiences” while I’m sitting there, cranking away trying to help my clients make money. Whacky.

It’s awful and ugly, but I can’t look away.

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