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Flat hair and chests

posted by DL Byron on August 17, 2006

When I heard that all liquids were banned from airplane carry-ons I thought, there are business meetings going on all over the country attended by business people with flat hair (much like the showerhead episode of Seinfeld). No gel means no spikes and no spray equals no “doo.” And now they’re banning gel bras. A bad hair day coupled with no cleavage is going to ruin business deals across America.

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Aug 17  |  Mobil'Homme said:

If pushup bras are a crime, only criminals will have cleavage.

Aug 17  |  -b- said:

High crimes of cleavage and note that toe cleavage is not affected by the new TSA rules.

Aug 18  |  Barbara said:

What about butt cleavage? I don’t know what half the celebrities in Hollywood will do if they can’t expose their coin slot to the world for two hours!

Barbara http://babas.typepad.com

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