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Mac Hack My Ass

posted by DL Byron on August 03, 2006

In the last 24 hours, 3 of my client’s PCs just died. I watched the fatal-exception occur on one of them and heard about the horror of the other two. I joked about those I’m a PC. I’m a Mac. commercials with them and then today we have the supposed mack wifi hack. I didn’t believe when I saw it and wondered hmm, did they turn off the default airport setting to ask for confirmation before joining an unknown open Wi-Fi network? And oh, that’s a 3rd-party wifi card and who would use that?

I’ve never understood the glee with which reporters report about supposed exploits in OS X. I guess they want our OS to suck as bad as theirs. We’ll see if Brian Krebs responds to Gruber who’s calling him out for shoddy reporting. I think, as I commented, that Brian got hacked, caught up in the moment of breaking a story on a mac exploit that doesn’t exist.

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