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Man in a suitcase

posted by DL Byron on August 18, 2006

Reading a fellow traveler’s blog, I realized just how much I’ve been in airports, hotels, shuttles, and using tiny bottles of shampoo this year. The lyrics to Man in a Suitcase from the Police are apropos

Another key for my collection, For security I race for my connection

Luckily, as noted in yesterdays’ post, I’m not in security lines this month and not looking forward to it next month. Travel well fellow travelers. I’ll see you soon.

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Aug 18  |  Barbara said:

Just be glad you’re not a woman… this USA Today article reminded me just how many “fluids” I carry with me on an average trip: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2006-08-17-travel-makeup_x.htm.

Barbara http://babas.typepad.com

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