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posted by DL Byron on August 21, 2006

Jeremy IM’d to ask if I had any tech-travel tips and I said, “main tip would be to get their early, give up your concept of personal space and rights, do whatever the TSA tells you to do, and go with the flow including slip-on shoes. Problems start with the idignacy of those travelers that feel inconvenienced and the psychology of the security line is that they own you for the minutes you’re in their line. From the airports I’ve been in, it’s as if they allowed the people in the back of a restaurant to come forward and run a velvet rope line. There’s lots of posturing, and testing you, and if you so decide that you’re not going to take it, you get the full body search.

So, my biggest tip is to be nearly invisible to them, a passing traveler. In other words, if you want trouble, you’ll get it. See this good article from Macworld UK for more on traveling with your computer.

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