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The Best Rides

posted by DL Byron on August 22, 2006

Rides With Fall approaching and the rainy season about to dreep on us again, I started thinking about the best rides this year. I’ve been lucky enough to ride in Texas, California, Oregon, and all over Washington. The best ride was in Austin, where I was inspired and eventually launched Bike Hugger

We passed a road sign that said, “Population 211”, noticed a cactus growing out of a tree, and later I saw a lamb being born as we turned a corner onto another windswept road. The lamb was wobbling, covered with afterbirth, and the pace picked up, as the wind caught our backs. It was another fine day for riding.

There’ll be more fine riding days with my team, friends, fellow bike huggers, and Pam.

For more rides, see Bike Hugger’s ride tag.

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